Power start

Power start novomatic

Power start is here to accompany gamers with an exciting game form. Novomatic presents a game full of fun and unique powers. Games that have been successfully developed and become games that are liked by gamers of various circles. Playing is easy without having to be complicated in the power start game.

Power start game of type 5 reels and 3 lines on the game screen. Ready to give you easy win rate. each game line will give you a value of 10 pay-per-line value. A game that also provides a respin in every presence of a star symbol. The presence of the power start game is loved by many gamers and is awaited in various circles. From young people to old people who also play this game.

The presence of stars and other symbols

Trustmeimathief – Because the game full of stars will give you beautiful and beautiful hopes in every victory. The background color is red with lots of fresh fruit appearing and some signs that give a lot of luck and don’t forget the star that is the idol of every gamer.

The fruit symbols include grapes, oranges, cherries, lemons, watermelons, and plums plus a bell, star, and number 7. At the bottom of the game power start you will find the star that is the key to this game. Not only will it shine but will also provide value and free spins. The presence of a star is only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. The star is a wild sign that can replace all symbols.

Amazing wild symbol

The star is not an ordinary symbol that only gives value. But the stars will also respond to you. When the reels spin and there are stars, you will immediately get 1 respin when 1 star is present. The wild will automatically expand to a single roll and lock. Search for more wilds as the reels spin until the respins run out.

the presence of free spins//bintang

If during the respin you still get a wild sign again, the chance to win is getting closer to you. Each symbol that forms a value will show a blazing color as if the symbols were all burned. Successfully making 3 wilds appear and expanding the reels will get a value of eight hundred times up to one thousand and forty coins of the game bet value.

Additional games

Not only power start games can give you victory but there are other games that can give you value. These additional games are at the bottom of the game screen next to the payline. Press the game then you will enter the game with the form of a card that is closed upside down. Guess the color of the card is red or black. Use your lucky guess to get coins. If the guess is correct then the value will enter and your coins will increase. If the guess is wrong then you will not get the value.

If you want more fun, you can play with real money. the value of the bet that will enter directly and make you able to immediately get the payment. Set the bet value you want by pressing the plus and min signs. The more bets you place, the faster you win and get high scores.

Still feel like playing old games and tired of pressing the play button. Let’s use the autoplay game button on the screen the reels will spin themselves so you can get coins faster without having to press play. The game process is very easy and fast so you can relax while playing the game.