Neo Bank

Neo Bank App

For those of you who want to get convenience by having a trusted bank account, you can register through neo bank. The reason is that bank has a lot of convenience in conducting banking transactions as usual. There is nothing difficult in conducting bank transactions at this time if you are with bank.

Because neo bank is digital based, you should download it before registering. Downloading to the app store via a smartphone makes it easier. After that you follow all the procedures and you will have an account immediately. Using the bank application is not just a banking service but this one application is a money maker.

Because the bank application has advantages such as making money, not a few people have tried it and it turns out that a lot of positive arguments are given. For those of you who are interested in registering with bank through the application, follow all the steps and make sure nothing is missed.

How to earn money ?

Trustmeimathief – Of course, those of you who have downloaded the neo bank application don’t just download it. Surely you want to know more, right? For those of you who want to have additional income, the bank application is a trustworthy way, follow the steps below:

1. Login with Referral Code

Usually to enter the neo bank application is easier, you can use a referral code. With a code you will be very easy to register. In addition to easier entry, of course, you will be given a prize money that will be set.

2. Invite people to join

Inviting people to join the neo bank application will also make you earn money. The more people you invite, the more money you will collect. For example, from 25,000 per person, how many people you invite will be multiplied by that result. Make sure you provide a referral code with the number you have, so the money will automatically enter by itself. Share the link with people through your social media. So that more people will join the referral code that you share.

3.The activities of bank

The bank app has interesting events that will teach you to earn extra money easily.

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Advantages of Bank

Each – each bank must have its own advantages as well as neo bank. Here are the advantages of neo bank

1.High interest rate and low service fee

Because neo bank is the best digital bank application, no admin fees will be given, because neo bank does not work physically. Instead, bank offers high interest rates.

2.Easy to understand display

For those of you who download the neo bank application, you will certainly be given the best experience. Because you open a bank account with a digital system where you don’t need to visit a bank, just register and queue for hours. By doing it anywhere and anytime, it is definitely easy to get an account from bank. From every appearance you will be facilitated so that you will have no difficulty in carrying out the stages of the bank.

3. Guaranteed safe

Although neo bank is the first bank to use an application or digital-based, but this bank can be trusted. Because bank has been supervised by OJK and LPS. That way you are certainly much safer if you want to make transactions.