GORILLA novomatic

Let’s all run away there will be a great ape that passes through this place. Great ape called the gorilla. This game presented by novomatic invites us to meet the king of the gorilla jungle. Types of games that are fun and interesting. This gorilla-themed game will show us the scenery from the forest. Home to beautiful animals, monkeys, gorillas and plants.

Gorilla has a 5 reel game form with a payout value of 50 times the value that can be won. With these 50 steps gamers will get a chance to win. The win rate with a level of 95.05% is very good, can provide many opportunities to win. Although the appearance of the gorilla looks ordinary, it has been able to give high value in the game.

Game symbols with beautiful backgrounds

Trustmeimathief – The dominant game setting with plants, flowers, big trees reminds us of an exciting gorilla movie. Inside the gorilla gamers will find some interesting symbols with different winning values. These symbols can be found in games such as: beautiful flowers, birds, kingkong, African golden face, islands and cards.

The ones that have little value in the gorilla are remy cards. Card symbols starting with numbers 9 and 10 as well as J, Q, K, and As. The form of writing remy cards follows the style of the African region. Many ask whether the gorilla game has a bonus game or not? then the answer is of course there is. Even though the gorilla game looks fun, the team from novomatic didn’t forget to add a bonus game.

ordinary games give high marks//full

One symbol with 2 different functions

The bonus game is depicted in the form of a gorilla in the form of a mask. Which is the shape of the mask can be 2 symbols that give a lot of wins. You can say 1 symbol that has 2 functions. The masks are wild and scatter. To place a bet can be from a number value of 1 to 200 coins.

To get a bonus gamers can get 5 gorillas. Gorilla mark that gives the most value. The value obtained with the gorilla can reach 50 thousand coins. In addition to bonuses and jackpot games there are also free spins. Free spins that provide many opportunities to win. Opportunities that can help you win.

Free spins, game info and auto play

To get free spins gamers must get 3 African islands. The number of free spins you get is 10 free spins. To activate the free spins, the African island must be present in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds. To get additional free spins, you can get 5 free spins on the same African island.

If gamers are still curious about the game symbol, you can press game info. There will be many symbols and values ​​that can be seen in the info. When you want to play more exciting games, you can use automatic games. The type of game that moves the screen by itself without having to press. Gamers just have to wait for the value that will be obtained in the automatic round.

Thus the total number of free spins is 15 free spins. During the free spins gamers will get an additional wild symbol. The presence of additional wilds can be obtained in any round. Gorilla game that is able to attract a lot of attention of gamers and become popular. Even though the level of the game is not high, it can already provide many potential winners.