Amazon’s diamonds

Amazon’s diamonds

Amazon’s diamonds game developed by novomatic. A game that has a fairly moderate level of play can provide a high type of win. Games with the theme of beautiful women with bright red colors will amaze you. Playing to your heart’s content will give you a win with the jackpot game.

There are 5 game reels ready to give gamers unexpected wins. In each symbol, gamers will get many big wins. Which in each step gamers will use many steps. There are 30 types of moves with high payouts that gamers can reach easily. Through the browser you can already play the game amazon’s diamonds.

Play through the website

Trustmeimathief – Games that do not need to be downloaded, gamers can enjoy easily and easily. Play freely without having to be complicated. Because the Amazon’s Diamonds game can also be played using smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Not only computers can access amazon’s diamonds game, but smartphones and other devices can also access it easily and can be played anywhere.

Each symbol has different characteristics. Which in each symbol gamers will get a value and free spins. Hearing the word amazon, of course we will think that this game is still related to the jungle full of plants and wild animals. It turns out that the amazon’s diamonds game also has symbols of beautiful women and strong beasts.

beautiful goddess gives strength//Amazon’s

Game symbols and free spins

The symbols that gamers can find in the game are: symbols that contain beautiful women who have different types of powers such as: earth, water, and ice. In addition to women with their strengths, there are other symbols such as: panthers, diamonds, red balls and playing cards from A to number 10. The bet value that gamers can use is from 1 to 300 coins in each game bet.

Get a chance to win, gamers can use free spins. The number of free spins that gamers can get is 30 free spins. Every time you get free spins, gamers will get additional free spins. Of these, there are 100 free spins that are ready to give you unlimited wins.

Wilds and scatters

Wild on diamond will replace all symbols. The presence of the same wild on each reel will give gamers a high winning value. In addition to the wild there is also a red ball in the form of a scatter. Scatter that appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 by getting the same shape will activate the free spins.

To be able to get free spins, gamers can use the same 7 red balls. Amazon’s diamonds is a type of game that gives a chance to win with free spins and double value. In the game amazon’s diamonds does not provide a jackpot game so to be able to win the game you can use the same symbol and double value.

Auto button play

Amazon’z diamonds is a type of game that has automatic button play. Automatic buttons that will make gamers win easily. Gamers do not need to press the start button again and only need to wait for the results and scores. The game screen will rotate automatically and give gamers a chance to win.

In playing the game amazon’s diamonds will provide unlimited fun with the form of symbols and double symbol values ​​that make gamers win a lot. With interesting songs and themes that will make gamers feel at home playing.